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"I want other kids to have a house like mine."

Find out how one young man has changed the world - one house at a time.


Luis is a great kid

He loves his mom, his school and his new home. His mom purchased their home from Habitat OC in 2006. He loves it so much that he wanted other kids to enjoy simple, decent homes like his.

Small Home - Big Dreams

It wasn't long ago that Luis lived in a tiny apartment with this mother. He had little privacy since they shared the one bedroom. None of the children in the complex were allowed to play outside.

Still, Luis attended a magnet school. He had two great things in his favor, a remarkable spirit and an amazing role model in his mom. She dedicated herself to his success and education. When she was able to purchase their Habitat OC home, she helped build the house while working and attending classes to become a physical therapist for children. Everyone who meets Luis and his mom falls in love with their genuine kindness and enthusiasm.

At the dedication ceremony for Luis' home, he told the crowd he wants to be a Green Team member when he grows up. Until then, Luis put another plan into action.

Yard Sales & Piggy BanksLuis gets his own bedroom

Luis started fund raising for Habitat OC with a garage sale, selling his outgrown toys. A side benefit was meeting all his new neighbors. He came to the Habitat OC office to turn over his proceeds to Sharon Ellis, Executive Director.

Not slowing down, Luis constructed a house-shaped bank, painting it cheerful colors. He placed the bank on his bureau and began dropping coins into it daily. He and his mom got to thinking - maybe other kids could do this too!

Kids make a BIG difference

Luis' selfless efforts show the power of children. Furthering his dream, children can build (with some help) their own house-banks. Check out the village above for ideas.

Children can use their big imaginations to decorate their house-banks. If you want to send us a picture, we'll post it on facebook. Kids are so creative, they'll figure out lots of ways to fill their house-banks. They can collect recyclables, have yard sales, lemonade stands - sky's the limit! They can also get their friends involved.

And keep dreaming!

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