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Fundraising Ideas for the OC Faith Community

Yes, God will provide! It's up to us to find and properly use the resources He provides.

Here are just a few ways your congregation can support the Habitat OC mission and the families it serves:

Pray - Prayer helps make us right with God, opens our spirits to God's gifts and clarifies our mission. Remember Habitat OC's mission, families, volunteers, partners, staff and donors in your prayers.
Educate - Plan a social with a Habitat OC speaker. Talk about the need for simple, decent homes from the pulpit.
Auction - Create packages that can be auctioned. You might include baskets of goodies, vacations, coupons, business services. It doesn't have to be fancy. You could auction babysitting for a couple and include movie tickets..
Craft Show - Have a sale of local talent such as quilts, art, crafts, wood pieces.
Gift Fairs - Put on an alternative gift fair and include Habitat OC. People can purchase "in honor" donation gifts or gift certificates for Habitat OC's ReStores.
Lent and House Banks - Have a house bank in a high-traffic location for donations to Habitat OC. Worshipers can place a promised amount into a Habitat OC piggy bank each day of Lent.
Buy a Brick - Create a grid on poster board shaped like a house. Sell sections of the grid and write in owners' names.
Sell Square Feet - Create a stylized foot on a certificate and sell "square feet" for a house.
Nail It - Paint the tips of nails and sell them - $1 for a bronze nail, $3 for a silver one and $5 for gold. Arrange for the nails to be used on a Habitat home.
Walkathon - Set a high goal and challenge youth to obtain "over the top" pledges.
Collect a Mile - Have someone figure out how many pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters it would take to make a mile. Then start collecting that number of coins.
Collect Cans - Check out Cans for Habitat. Your congregation can partner with the Aluminum Foundation for great proceeds.
Special Offerings - Make Habitat OC the recipient of a special collection.
Capital Campaigns - Include Habitat OC in your congregation's tithe when collecting building funds.
Missions - Suggest to your Missions Committee that Habitat OC be on the list for local missions.
Bake Sales - Just can't beat a bake sale. Everybody loves homemade goodies.
Clean Up Day - Offer to clean up people's homes or yards for a donation to Habitat OC.
Concerts - Host a concert featuring local or celebrity talent.

International Day of Prayer - September

All nations gather in prayer for families living in substandard housing on a Sunday each year. Consider joining the united observation. It's a great day to speak from the pulpit about substandard housing, reminding your congregation of their blessings and to conduct a special offering. Check here for more info.

What else can you think of?

Okay, got your creative juices flowing yet? 

One church had their young people place flocks of flamingos into the yards of people who attended their church. Homeowners had to make Habitat OC donations to have the flocks flown to the next "victim."

The Habitat OC Lutheran Partnership built and sold "Habitat for Dogs" dog houses.

A young man collected donations for his bar mitzvah. 

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