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In a joint statement issued at the end of July, the Governor, Senate Pro Tempore and Assembly Speaker announced their commitment to finally negotiating a housing package of bills upon their return from the summer legislative recess on August 21st. Habitat for Humanity California leaders are very hopeful with this announcement, however, we want to ensure that the set aside for homeownership, specifically in SB 2 (Atkins - permanent source) and inclusion of homeownership in SB 3 (Beall - general obligation bonds) remain in the final package.
Starting today, we ask that you continue your diligent efforts and call, write, or meet with your assemblymembers and senators to thank them for their support and to request that they support ONLY a housing package that includes specific funding for homeownership.
Remind them of the following:
•    The cost of renting a home is at an all-time high.
•    Homeownership in California is at its lowest rate since the 1940s!
•    36% of homeowners spend at least half of their income on housing.

Please share this action kit with your full contact lists, on social media, and with family and friends.
Step 1: Find your district 
Enter your home address here to find your state senate and assembly representatives.

Step 2: Call    
You can find the phone numbers to the senators' Capitol offices here.  And assemblymembers' here

Use this sample script, and feel free to add your hometown context on the crisis.
Step 3: Report Back
Please report back the feedback you receive from legislators and/or their staff! You can email us at

Thank you for making the time to take action.  Together, our voices are louder.

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